General guidance for ministers:

The Baptists Together website has a wealth of resources and guidance documents. Those relating to ministry, including the CMD handbook, can be found under Guidance for Ministers.

Help for those struggling in ministry:

The Sheldon Centre, (The Society of Martha and Mary) based near Exeter, offers great support and resources for those in ministry who need to do ministry healthier, or who need support in times of stress, crisis, burnout or breakdown. It is a great place for a retreat, with safe space for those who need it. A resource hub is available which is a virtual place for ministers to meet, share and support each other. See this video for more information.

Churches Ministerial Counselling Service (CMCS) is a network of professional counsellors operating in England, Scotland and Wales offering subsidised support to ministers and their households.

Creative Resources:

BUEN (Baptist Union Environment Network) has created an installation called ‘God Saw That It Was Good’, which is available to be used by churches wishing to reflect on and respond to issues around creation care. For more details see the poster below and follow the links given. (Alt text available.)