Why we exist

Ministry is demanding, and sometimes you long for those alongside you who understand that. Of course there are resources, and good ones. Mentoring schemes, the ministry department, your regional team. But how would it be if, alongside these, there was a fellowship of those engaged in ministry of all kinds, which existed in order to provide support, encouragement and representation? Well there is. The Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship is just such a group, open to all those in Baptist ministry. That includes those training, retired and working for Baptist-linked mission agencies. We aim to reflect on issues and matters relating to Baptist ministry, and when appropriate to represent these to regional and national bodies; produce a journal of academic, practical and contextual theology that encourage sreflection on the practice and theology of Baptist ministry; enhance the sense of concern and compassion among those involved in Baptist ministry by encouraging members to commit to mutual prayer on Sunday mornings; offer practical care through the administration of a benevolent fund.

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Past editions of the BMJ

View past copies of the Baptist Ministers' Journal for free... and then consider subscribing! Journals since 1971 are available to read on a pdf format from biblicalstudies.org.uk. You can also find many other journals on this site, including the Baptist Quarterly.

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Get Involved

If you would like to join the Baptist Ministers' Fellowship or get in touch with us, please see our contact page. You can also find us on Facebook by searing 'Baptist Ministers' Fellowship'.

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