The Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship

Why we exist…

Ministry is demanding. God’s call on our lives isn’t something that can be contained inside 9 to 5 working hours. You’re constantly being pushed – by your own expectations, by a congregation, by those with whom you work – into new areas of challenge. And sometimes you long for those alongside you who understand where you are, and what you are being asked to become.

Of course there are resources, and good ones. Mentoring schemes, the Ministry department, your Regional Ministry Team. But how would it be if, alongside all these, there was a fellowship to which you could belong, a fellowship of those engaged in ministry of all kinds, which existed in order to provide support, encouragement and representation?

There is. The Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship is just such a group – open to all those, in the UK or elsewhere, who are in Baptist ministry or in ministerial training, and to those who have been in ministry. What we aim to do is this:

  • Reflect on issues and questions related to ministry
  • Represent ministers in denominational matters, especially to the Senior Management Team
  • Support ministers and local Ministers’ Meetings
  • Care, through our Benevolent Fund
  • Build a network of relationships
  • Pray for one another.

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